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I bring you some eye-candy. I'm not a big fan of Katy Perry, buuut I do love that California Gurls video. So, I made some icons.

-15 California Gurls icons


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Now, anyone knows that I looooove Silent Hill. So, I finally made some Silent Hill icons! Mostly Heather of SH3, but also a few SH2, and surprisingly enough, Silent Hill Shattered Memories (although they're mostly of the UFO ending). Also a few RE icons, so watch out.

PS: Contain spoilers. Particularly of Silent Hill Shattered Memories ending.


-02 Silent Hill 2 (Maria, James)
-09 Silent Hill 3 (Heather Mason)
-06 Silent Hill Shattered Memories (Dahlia, UFO Ending)

-03 Resident Evil 5 (Jill x Chris, & Jill solo)
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let's call this the comeback
I'm back! With a brand new layout (from fruitstyle) and everything!

Also, I'm not postmodernxgirl anymore. Moving on from that.

I feel like my life is on the process of resetting. I am just moving on from some weird stuff that I went through. It's good though, I'm feeling much more like myself now.

SO. That's all I'm going to say about catching up.

On April 1st, the boyfriend & I went to Panchero's to grab some lunch. It was kind of funny, when we got in there were balloons hanging up and tinsel on the windows. There was also free cake and free drinks! It was awesome. We even got cool sombreros:

When we asked what all the hub-ub was about, they told us it was "Bob's" birthday. Bob is their burrito tool (that Panchero's uses half the time they make burritos). LOL. Well, any excuse is a good excuse to have fun.

Until next time.

you never had any fun
I'm currently in love with the song Microphone by Coconut Records. It's just so lovely. I love the video too, watch it on youtube, it's very artsy and sweet.

Here are my favorite caps from the video:

& some icons... one Bored To Death, the rest caps from the Microphone video.

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my desktop will eat you
I made a new wallpaper again... This time, GLOOMY BEAR. I love Chax.

If you want it, just comment here... It's too big to upload on photobuck't, and I wasn't sure if anyone would want it. But if anyone does, I'll resize it and upload it somewhere.

Oh man... Brutal Legend came out yesterday, and I'm kind of eager to play it. Sucks being poor x_x;

se a lo que voy
Today I decided to make some Shakira icons. Only eleven. They feature only caps from the video "Las De La Intuición."

-11 icons

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