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that wasn't a deer
I made these a long, long time ago. Just a couple random Planet Terror icons, images taken from their official website.

-8 Planet Terror icons

I looked for that jacket for two weeksCollapse )

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some of us will never sleep again
In spite of how much they rock, I bring you some Gorillaz icons.

-9 Gorillaz icons

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the end of time
Soooo, I've been playing Chrono Trigger on the DS for a while. I'm very very obsessed with it, honestly. I loved the game back in its SNES days, but I'm a big fan of the DS, so I'm delighted to have it in handheld form.

Yeah, people are complaining about how some things were changed, like names of stuff. (Tonics are Potions now, little things like that.) I don't think it's a big deal, I was young when I played it on SNES, so I really don't remember trivial things like that enough to worry about it. I don't think it really makes a lot of difference. I almost beat it again, (I am on winter break, after all, not much to do). I think I'm enjoying it a LOT more this time around. Lucca is still my favorite.
The thing I enjoy most about Chrono Trigger is the cool battle techs. The fact that you have a choice in creating your party is awesome. And your unused party members still level up with you, so you can avoid that problem that Final Fantasy X had where if you don't use a character he's left behind in the dust levels away from the strong party members (ehem*kimahri&wakka*ehem). The combined techs are so cool though~ Different party members can combine their techs to make devastating attacks. (Fire sword, ice sword, antipode bomb, etc.) It's fun to mix&match.
My favorite party combo:

Closely followed by:

Anyhow, there is a game I bought before Chrono Trigger that I still haven't even played. It's sad to say, but yeah, FFIV on DS. People have said it's awesome, but some people said it's hard. I don't know, I didn't get into it because of Chrono Trigger. I think I like CT better... But, when I finish CT (which shall be soon), I'll get on that FFIV.

hooray 2009
Damn, I've been gone a LONG time. But, I'm back this new year with a new layout by milou_veronica, it's preeety.

I'm really glad 2008 is over. I need a fresh start. It was not the best year for me, but now I feel like things are changing for the better. I'll make 2009 a better year than last, trust me. My resolution for this year is to do better in school, I should get my ass in gear. Also, I want to do more volunteer projects, so perhaps that's also my resolution.

I reeeally lucked out this semester. Thanks to some extra credit & being nice to the teacher, I got an A in my literature class. However, I got C's for my other three classes -_-; That's not good, but it's actually better than I expected. C+ in my screen printing class (which was such a pain in the ass), C in my intermedia 2 class (which was at night & I hated the teacher), & C- in my art of africa class (which I thought I would fail...). What I've come to is that being nice to the teacher & participating in class really makes a difference. Lesson learned.

I'm now giving up art though. I've changed my major to linguistics, with a TESL emphasis. (TESL = Teaching English as a Second Language, for those not savvy with linguistics acronyms.) I'm really excited though. I couldn't do the whole, "What is art?" shit anymore. "What does your art mean?" "How do you express ___ through your art?" "How does this piece interact with the rest of your work?" IT'S STUPID! All these art kids call themselves "artists" & refer to their projects as "their work." Gah, that's just so pretentious. They want to be too cool. My new major is going to kick so much ass... I'm excited!

Oh, & to my few livejournal friends... Happy New Year! I was looking through my friends page and wanted to comment in a few people's journals, but I'm afraid they won't remember me... Maybe I'll do it anyway & it'll come back to them, haha.

Ok, I'm out. Later I'll nerd out about how I bought FFIV (DS) but have delayed playing it because I'm obsessed with Chrono Trigger. Ciao.

here he comes
Here are some Speed Racer icons I never uploaded here. X-posted at themach5.

-9 Speed Racer Movie icons

Here comes Speed Racer, he's a demon on wheelsCollapse )

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oh boy
So, I'm back to school~ :/ Yesterday was my first day.

My schedule is pretty stupid, but at least I changed some stuff around so I only have one night class twice a week. Mostly, I have morning classes.

Because of the big flood, the art department had to relocate all the classes. I have my studio class in a building that used to be Menard's. Isn't that curious? It's not even ON campus, I have to take a shuttle there. Ugh. That will be bad.

I'm glad I got my schedule changed around and only have one night class from 7-9pm. I'm not very excited about that class, but it'll have to do. I'm not too excited about any of my classes really. Maybe silkscreen will be fun.

I'm just kind of busy these days, with school starting up and my brother's wedding this weekend. It'll be madness. The good part is I don't have school on Monday.