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Today was HENNA DAY at an indian store called Om. So, I got a Henna tattoo. Are they called tattoos? Well, anyway, I was happy with mine. The lady that did it was very nice, and that store is just cool in general.

I've heard that henna is mostly used for women who are engaged or for weddings. Mine was just for fun, though... It'll come out in a few days.
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I tried this weird MyHeritage face-recognition thing. It's kind of funny, but I really don't think it's accurate.


there is nothing for me but to love you
Just a survey to keep me amused before I go off to my new bed...

It's only new to me, it's not a new bed.Collapse )

That's it, off to sleep.

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I found some really cute LOST icon themes online, so I revamped my desktop theme. Now it is LOST.

I found the icons at Pixel Girl Presents. (A beautiful website.)

Oh, I'm really into iGoogle, because it has those cute themes & gadgets to add. I think Google is awesome. Today I found a Paul Frank theme online, and I think it's the cutest thing ever! Screencap time:

    My Favorite Gadgets ;
  • theWEATHER - a basic, but visually pleasing, local weather gadget.
  • Gmail - a view of the first 5 items in my inbox.
  • Facebook - lets you update your status from that window, & shows your friends' status changes. (But I still hate facebook.)
  • Daily Horoscopes - they are fun, what can I say?
  • Wikipedia - Very compact & simple Wiki search.
  • Movies - list of movies & cinemas in my area.
  • Fish - a useless, but really zen gadget.

Ugh, it's so late... and I have to take a shower. Ciao diary.

my dog on wheels
I made some icons from Belle & Sebastian's album art. I dunno if these are cool at all, but here they are anyhow.

-6 Belle & Sebastian album photos
-7 Video game icons
1 Resident Evil 4 (Ada), 3 Final Fantasy III, 1 Super Princess Peach, 2 Link/Zelda.

Stressee, moi? Jamais!Collapse )

If you take, it'd be nice if:
-you'd comment <3
-& please credit bigbig_love or whoa_zombies

ok, so i watch the o.c.
Hey! More icons. I'm in an icons kick as of lately.

-7 Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts of O.C.)
-6 Stock/random

Singing in the rainCollapse )

If you take, it'd be cool if:
-you'd comment <3
-& please credit bigbig_love or whoa_zombies

Side notes about stock/random icons:
no. 1 - model for Agent Provocateur.
no. 2 - advertisement for Puma shoes.
no. 3 - advertisement for Levi's jeans.
no. 4 - models for Salvatore Ferragamo (I Love Salvatore).
no. 5 - model for Victoria's Secret.
no. 6 - Blythe doll.


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